Tasmania’s first sausage dog race is back for round two at the 180th Campbell Town Show Dachshund Dash!

For every dog that’s large and bountiful there is one small, with such sheer grit and determination, and the tiniest little legs they look like a little lizard but don’t be fooled at all, it’s time for all the dachshunds to come together, and that place will be the Campbell Town Showgrounds on the morning of Saturday, May 26th 2018.

We welcome sausage dogs of all shapes and sizes across Tasmania and interstate to join in on the fun and with a longer track this year it will not be an event you want to miss.

The Show is celebrating 180 years this year so share this amongst your sausage dog comrades and lets try and get 180 wieners through the gates for a MASSIVE race and a group photo!!

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