1. The Midland Agricultural Association reserves the right to approve, refuse or cancel any application. Site allocation is at the discretion of the Association. No negotiations will be entered into.
  2. All stalls/displays/sideshows must be erected and all vehicles removed from the grounds by 9:00am on show days.
  3. All exhibitors must remain in operation from 9.00am to 4.30pm on show days.
  4. The Committee of the Association shall have power to enter upon the area described at any time and remove any article, sign, pictures, printed matter, or sideshow which in their opinion may cause offence to the public or the officials of the Association.
  5. All food outlets must meet food safety regulations and obtain a temporary food selling license from the Northern Midlands Council (Ph. 03 63977303). We cannot provide your ground space on the day without this approval. A copy of certificate must be provided to the Show Administrator prior to show day.
  6. All exhibitors must purchase gate passes required additional to those provided either with ground space application or on day of show.
  7. No stall may run out of goods, especially food stalls/vans.
  8. The exhibitor may not occupy space allotted until the day before the show (unless authorised by the Trade Site Co-ordinator) and this space is to be used only and solely for the purpose specified in the application.
  9. The site to be vacated no later than 12:00 midnight the Saturday of the show (unless authorised by the Trade Site Co-ordinator).
  10. Exhibitors and/or their employees are to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner while they are on the grounds. Exhibitor and/or their employees are to maintain a neat and clean appearance.
  11. All exhibitors are required to keep and leave site in a clean and orderly condition, at least equivalent to that prevailing before occupancy.
  12. No livestock or domestic animals will be permitted on site without the express permission of the Committee.
  13. Signage displayed by exhibitors must relate to the actual products which the Association was advised would be promoted. Any other signage promoting other products or services must have prior written approval from the Committee of the Association.
  14. All outlets at the show must clearly display the price of goods on sale.
  15. The use of amplifiers must be restricted to meet the requirements of the Committee and toned down or turned off if required by the Committee.
  16. Exhibitors shall NOT erect barriers to interrupt free and uninterrupted passages of the public between exhibits, OR erect display signs in such a manner to cause inconvenience to other exhibitors, NOR paint or mark any of the Association’s property without the signed authority from the Committee.
  17. No sub-letting will be permitted.
  18. No raffles permitted without the signed authority from the Committee.
  19. The Association shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the exhibitors’ property whilst on the said area. Overnight ground security arrangements will be made by the Association for the Friday night., however liability lies with the exhibitor.
  20. Exhibitors hereby accept all responsibility for any damage or injury to any person, or persons’ property which may be occasioned by, or arise out of the use of machinery, implement or apparatus of any nature whatsoever, used in connection with the stands and/or demonstrations.
  21. Exhibitors hereby undertake to faithfully conform with the requirements of any Act of Parliament which governs the erection of structures, displays and/or sale of machinery and other products, and also to conform with any regulations by any Government, semi-Government or local Government Authority duly authorised to make regulations, by-laws or ordinances in connection herewith including the requirements of the Pure Food Act.
  22. If the Association finds it necessary or expedient to cancel or postpone the event, this Agreement shall cease to operate upon notice to that effect, being served on the exhibitor at the address mentioned in the records of the Association and no compensation shall be payable to the exhibitor.
  23. The exhibitor shall have a current policy of insurance indemnifying them against public liability in the sum of $5,000,000 for each accident and $10,000,000 for the duration of the show and for the setting up and pulling down period. A copy of such shall be provided with the ‘Trade Site Request’ form.